Care Tips


Babybooper Beanbags are incredibly easy to clean and practical to use thanks to their water repellent base and washable seat covers. The instructions and video below show how simple it is to keep your Baby Beanbag clean and looking good.

Babybooper Beanbags can be bought filled and ready to use, they can also be filled or topped up with regular beanbag filling. Hints and tips for filling can be found in the brief video below.

How to Clean your Baby Beanbag Beanbag Seat Covers

  • Washing: Both covers can be washed on a cold machine wash or by hand.

  • Drying: Both covers should be air dried (Please do not tumble dry.)

Beanbag Base

  • Washing: PVC bases can be wiped clean with a clean, damp cloth. Suede bases are water repellent and spills should be blotted off with a clean cloth.

  • Drying: PVC bases can be dried with a clean towel and suede bases should be air dried if wet