A Delightful and Stress Free Passage for Moms and Babies is just a Few Clicks More..

We have a wide variety of products ranging from baby clothes to cozy bean bags that will ensure your baby has an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep without suffering from the flat head and reflux syndrome.

Most of the parents, especially mothers, have to regularly check whether their babies are comfortable in their position or not! 

These cozy bean bags are designed strictly by the baby’s aligning and sleeping methods. However, in the end, a child is a child, and you can never predict his/her next move.

One minute they can be calmly sleeping, and on the arrival of very next minute, they can be uncontrollably weeping to find their safe abode in their mother’s arms.

To guarantee their safety during our outside travels or regular strolls through our homes is our primary concern where these beanbags may not prove to be just enough.

What more do you need to become stress-free from additional obligations related to your baby’s parenting?

One answer could be safety harness.

To ensure a safe passage, we have seat belts in our cars, but that leverage falls flat while catering the needs of your baby.

The seat belt in our cars is too much irritating and slippery for the kids to get accustomed to. Also, the baby’s head never holds straight in a regular seat belt which in turn causes numerous issues citing the early body tenure.

We build safety harnesses for the baby’s safe travels with nothing but the most premium material that is durable and has been termed ideal for the practical purposes. There is also a safety chest clip with a plush lion cover to keep the sponginess and security at their relative peaks. It’s an important offering which will help you quickly locate and curved seat strap to ensure a safe passage. It controls the buckling and unbuckling operation of both the belts; preventing your kid from accidentally shooting it open.  

The safety harness can be used with most baby pushchair, pram, stroller, car and bicycle baby seat. For more information please visit
https://babybooper.com/products/yeahibaby-baby-seat-lock-safety-harness-belt-locking-buckle-with-a-plush-lion-cover-for-child-car-chair-stroller-pram-pushchair and esnure your kid’s safety.

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